"Trish is engaging, passionate and knowledgable."

Trish's talks have taken her across Canada and a wide range of audiences from

C-Suite Executives to Fire Chiefs, Nurses to Senior Level Management. 

When Trish steps onstage, her natural presence, enthusiasm and passion shine through. 

Through simple techniques, humour, and an infectious energy, she shares her passion for mindfulness in the workplace. Trish uses her experience and knowledge to create a dynamic relationship with her audiences. 

Sample Topics

The Mindful Advantage: Work Happier (not harder)!

Popular opinion says if we work harder, longer hours that create more STRESS, we’ll be successful and that will make us, HAPPY. Significant research into success and happiness are CONCLUSIVE that this is simply backwards.

If you truly want your organization to be successful, it must start with happy employees. Because the well-being of your employees = the well-being of your business. The good news? Happier employees have a huge effect on the bottom line - who will treat your clients better - an unhappy employee or a happy one? Which employee will be more loyal?

Even when it seems like it’s out of our control, there are simple mindfulness techniques we can use to change the way we experience our work and the seemingly ever increasing stress. In this interactive presentation, Trish will make sense of mindfulness and teach simple, effective techniques to use NOW for more positivity and energy, less stress and burnout and overall better results at work. Trish will focus on small daily changes that make a big impact on our day to day stress in an environment where it may seem impossible.

Calm in the eye of the Storm - Building Resilience

There are moments in life when we are challenged - what really defines us though, is the way we bounce back from adversity.

The biggest hurdle we have when it comes to bouncing back? Our brains are wired to focus on the negative! No wonder life can be so challenging! In this session we will explore the negativity bias of our brain. Why does our brain highlight the negative in life and how can we incorporate mindfulness practices to enhance the positive and create RESILIENCE. We’ll breakdown the three main ways to be more resilient, so we can not only experience challenges with more ease, but learn from them as well.

This session will include a breakdown of the how’s and why’s of mindfulness including one minute experiences of practice so attendees will walk away with the knowledge of how to practice themselves!

Focus on Safety: Harness attention to minimize risk

Research shows that 99% of all accidents are preventable. One of the biggest factors in preventing accidents and promoting safety - OUR ATTENTION.

During this session we'll learn about the default mode of our brain: DISTRACTED and UNFOCUSED and how it affects our safety. We’ll explore how to use our attention to switch off of autopilot so that we can improve our safety and our productivity.

We'll learn short mindful practices to cultivate a more focused mind so that we can move through our tasks with enhanced focus and care.

Finding Peace in an Anxious and Distracted World

In a world that is often volatile, uncertain, chaotic and ambiguous, peace can feel like it’s only accessible on a beach, in a glass (or bottle) of wine, or at the spa… and even then our mind is turning over our troubles, wondering how we’ll get it all done in time, and “what if”ing our life away. In this talk Trish will share some practical and accessible techniques to find peace from within. If we wait until the world is peaceful to feel calm - we’ll be waiting a very long time. Join Trish to learn how to cultivate peace from the only true, reliable and enduring place: within.

The Mindful Advantage: Stress Less and Avoid Burnout

We live in an age of burnout. We are overwhelmed and underwhelmed at the same time, and it costs us productivity, motivation and the ability to enjoy our life and work. We can't avoid stress, but it can have serious implications on our happiness, productivity and efficiency. The good news is, stress does not have to rule our lives! This experiential presentation explores the physiology of stress and challenges our narrow definition of success that can lead us to burnout. We'll explore several simple and fast mindful techniques to integrate into your day to thrive in an age of burnout.

WAKE UP! Shift off of auto-pilot and be present to your life

There are moments in life when things become clear.

A loss of a loved one. A major health scare. Shocking news.

These moments are jarring. They shake us out of the way we normally live our lives - on AUTOPILOT. They require us to open our eyes WIDE, see things as they are, make decisions and move forward consciously and with intention.

But what do we do when we get lulled into complacency of the everyday?

In this keynote Trish will inspire you to live your life consciously and aware in ALL MOMENTS. You'll learn tangible and practical techniques to bring more awareness and meaning to your life. To prioritize the IMPORTANT instead of just the URGENT.

‘Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?’ - Mary Oliver

Innnovative State of Mind

If you've ever heard the words, "But, this is the way we've ALWAYS done it!", you know what it is to lack creativity, to be mindLESS and reactive. When we're in this state it's relatively impossible to be creative and find truly NEW and NOW solutions for our clients. Do you come up with your best ideas when you're stressed and overwhelmed, or relaxed and balanced? This presentation will outline how stress blocks us from creativity and simple ways to cultivate a calm mind, to be more creative and to serve our clients better as industry leaders. Participants will walk away with simple techniques to create a more innovative state of mind.

Mindful Leadership: Developing the Mindset to Thrive, No Matter What

When faced with difficulty - what's the difference between people who succeed, and those that struggle? How do we position ourselves better to not only survive - but THRIVE? As we continue to navigate the challenge of a global pandemic - let's assess where we're at, and what we've learned. One thing is for sure - this isn't the first challenge you've encountered - and it's definitely not the last. In this experiential keynote, Trish will teach the keys to develop the mindset to thrive, no matter what life throws us. When your employees learn the skills to thrive, they become a valuable asset for your company, helping you weather any storm that comes your way.

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"What started with an initial idea of a keynote, turned into a 12 part series of mindfulness sessions. Her sessions were so successful, that we secured her to conduct trainings for supervisors. Trish recently was the closing keynote speaker at our Convention and left the delegates feeling empowered and positive. Trish is super easy to work work and very accommodating."
Stuart Sweeney, Director of Education, AdvantAge Ontario.

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Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association

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