'cause life is more than one big TO DO list

PAY WHAT YOU CAN offerings

During this wild time of uncertainty, my priority is to support you the best way I can. 

The following offerings will be in a 'pay what you can' model (if that's nothing, that's ok too...)


21 Day "Create a Daily Mindfulness Practice" Online program and, 

10 Days to More Happiness at Work online program

Click here for more info


Also, join me for live stream class:

Thursday: 8am Meditation (20 mins)

If you'd like to join, please email to receive the links to the classes.


Stay healthy and stay safe.

What my clients are saying...

"Trish came in to work with our management team on mindfulness practices and the team loved it. They were initially apprehensive about "meditation" practices, but Trish grasped their attention and taught them how mindfulness can be a great benefit to their work. If you are looking for training for your team, Trish can offer a customized program that is perfect for you."

 - Michael Geertsema, Human Resources Advisor, Town of Banff 

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