WORK HAPPIER! programs help teams:

Manage day to day stress to feel happier and healthier 

Foster a kinder and more creative team atmosphere with less conflict

Have more energy and productivity with more time to do what they love

​Create a positive mindset so people will want to work WITH them AND FOR them

MINDFULNESS can help employees be more productive and make better decisions for the organization, which helps improve the bottom line of a business. This increase in productivity equates to an 11:1 return on investment.

- Mark Bertolini, CEO of Aetna

Workplace Training

Mindfulness @ Work - 1/2 Day Training

We live in an attention economy – in fact, we pay our employees for their attention! To our clients, company projects, and leading their staff. The reality is that 47% of the time, our minds are distracted and divided. Presenteeism is when our employees are present physically, but their minds are distracted due to stress, anxiety, etc. In this ½ day workshop participants will learn how to use simple, effective techniques to be more mindful – to pay more attention. Mindfulness helps employees manage stress, be more resilient, enhance communication and overall have a more positive attitude when it comes to work. Learning Outcomes By the end of this training participants will:

  • Understand the default mode of their mind – distracted and unfocussed
  • Learn up to 5 simple, effective techniques to be able to focus more and be more productive
  • Understand why our brain defaults to negativity and experience effective techniques to encourage more positivity at work
  • Practice mindful communication to enhance workplace relationships and teamwork
  • Understand and experience why mindfulness is key to workplace resiliency
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Work Happier (not Harder!) - Full Day Training

Mindfulness is the buzz word entering workplaces everywhere. From Google, to Goldman Sachs, professional athletes to the classroom, people everywhere are using the techniques and tools of mindfulness to reduce stress, calm their minds, improve communication and work happier!

This full day training will help your employees use simple mindful techniques at work to:

  • increase energy and productivity for more time to do what they love
  • manage day to day stress to feel happier and healthier and less conflict at work
  • create a positive mindset so people will want to work WITH you AND FOR you
  • foster a kinder and more creative team atmosphere
  • experience less gossip, resentment and more engagement with their work to help contribute to the bottom line!

The full day training includes themes like: stress management, resiliency, mindful communication, building focus, how to be more compassionate at work, etc. Content is both instructive and interactive. The day includes many opportunities to practice quick bursts of mindfulness that are well-suited for the workplace.

Course includes a bonus audio program “10 Days to More Happiness at Work” (value $77 each) for all participants. This program features 10 days of 10 minute audio lessons that can be listened to again and again to continue a mindfulness practice at work.

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Mindful Leader - 2 Day Training

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