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A simple way I cultivate RESILIENCE

Chances are you've probably heard me preach how mindfulness practice is a key to our resilience.

Today I want to share something that has helped me remain resilient over the last year that while it isn't specifically mindfulness, does have to do with living intentionally.

One of the keys for me to not getting stuck in a negative mindset over the last year has been focusing on my own


The tendency to go through life with the same habits, daily to do's and behaviours is STRONG. It's easy to get pulled into the momentum to doing life the way we've always done it. I can really tell when I'm stuck in this rut. I'm tired, bored, and feel a massive drain on my energy. Growth is absolutely one of my values in life and I love the fresh energy and enthusiasm that comes with learning something new.

Here's 3 reasons why learning something NEW is good for your personal resilience:

1) It gets us off autopilot and shakes up our routines (especially now when we're all feeling a bit Groundhog Day-ish!).

2) It helps us to feel re-engaged in life and energized by the new information we're experiencing.

3) It broadens our perspective which helps us to see things we've never seen before, be curious and open to possibility. I've taken part in courses and read books and watched videos about breathwork, the enneagram, facilitation skills, coping with anxiety, white privilege and racism, meditation (of course!), and more. This has kept my brain occupied and in a growth mindset vs. feeling stagnant and stuck. Spring is an amazing time to learn something new! Maybe you deepen your learning of something you already love, or learn something completely new. You could: learn an instrument an artistic skill read a new book from the library watch a ted talk sign up for a workshop take a course P.S. If you want to deepen your learning about mindfulness, check out my course Create a Daily Mindfulness Practice. Ask yourself - "what interests me?" and go from there! ___________________

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