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My tricks to avoiding BURNOUT

We are only here for an INSTANT in eternity - do you want to spend that time BURNT-OUT?

More and more I'm seeing burnout everywhere. People are overwhelmed and overworked and they don't know what to do. As an entrepreneur, it's easy for me to always believe that there is ONE MORE THING to do, ONE MORE EMAIL to write, ONE MORE client to call, ONE MORE task that might be the game changer. WHEN IS IT ENOUGH? If you're looking to beat burnout - below are my top 3 tips that have helped me navigate this tricky sucker! 1) FIND BALANCE with work and home (in a NEW WAY!) Is your work full of extroverted experiences? Sales calls, presentations, phone conversations and meetings? TAKE TIME TO BE QUIET. When you finish work, read a book, take a bath, spend time doing a quiet activity like going for a walk or flipping through a magazine. On the other hand if your work is quiet and solo, you might schedule a dinner with friends, catch up on a phone call with a loved one or go to a community event. We all need activity AND rest. If your work is one way, balance your time off with the other.

2) SAY NO TO SOMETHING What's one thing you can say 'no' to this week? Maybe it's taking on a commitment on your day off, or volunteering at your kid's school. Maybe it's saying 'no' to staying at work late, perpetuating the lie that BUSY = PRODUCTIVE. Maybe you say NO to needing to complete that one last task before you walk out the door - you know - the one that makes you late to your next commitment? Saying NO to something allows you to say YES to yourself.

3) TAKE TIME TO SLOW DOWN Our minds build MOMENTUM. When we're going at a fast pace through our days it's no wonder that slowing down feels impossible! Teach yourself to slow down with a few minutes of mindfulness! Set a timer for 1 minute, and simply focus on your breath OR download the free app Insight Timer and listen to one of my guided meditations. Warning: THIS MIGHT BE DIFFICULT! Remember it takes TIME to slow down a Mack Truck and it will take time to slow down your mind.

Life is not just one big long to do list. It’s mean to be lived, breathed, loved and experienced. I believe a 'successful' life is one filled with WELLBEING, HEALTH AND HAPPINESS.

What's one small step you could take today to support your WELL-BEING?

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