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Meditation offerings in 2018

Happy New Year!

How long is it ok to continue saying that for anyway?

If this new year is finding you ready to finally jump in and create a meditation practice, or excited to deepen your existing practice, I have a few offerings coming up that can help you meet those goals. Come meet me on the meditation cushion!

NEW CLASS Wednesdays at 7:30pm - Yin + Meditation @ Rocky Mountain Yoga

**starts Jan 10th

The yoga asana practice is designed to free our bodies so that we can sit in contemplative meditation. This class will begin with gentle movement and yin postures that will prepare out bodies for a comfortable seated position. Each class will conclude with at least 15 mins of guided meditation and time for silent practice. Meditations in the tradition of Mindfulness Meditation are scientifically proven to help us manage stress more effectively, cope with change, boost our mood, energy and memory and increase our self-awareness and compassion for others. If you would like to begin a home meditation practice this class will help you to develop the skills to practice on your own. All levels welcome. Students new to meditation encouraged to attend.

Drop in rates apply.

Mindfulness Meditation 8 Week Course @ Rocky Mountain Yoga

**runs Feb 14 - April 4 8:15 - 8:45am

Meditation is an incredible tool we can use to cultivate a calm and steady mind. Each week begins with guided meditations to help you focus the mind & gradually increase your time in silence. You will receive tools to help you to build stability in your own home practice. Meditation can lower stress, improve focus and productivity and increase overall well being and health. We learn to step out of the stream of thoughts as we would step behind a waterfall - we can still hear and view the water, but we are not immersed in it.

Open to all levels of experience >No meditation or yoga experience is necessary to join.

Register HERE

Introduction to Mindfulness Workshop @ Canmore Hot Yoga

**Feb 17th 2 - 4pm

Join me for this two hour workshop that will explore the concept and practices of mindfulness.

Is your mind distracted? Is your attention divided? Do you find it hard to focus at work, in conversation or even in simple day to day tasks? Are you seeking a bit of peace in your hectic life?

The ancient practice of mindfulness is deeply connected to our yoga practice and can benefit both our time on the mat and our day to day lives.

In this workshop we will explore the foundations of mindfulness, the basic science, philosophy and practice of mindfulness including seated meditation as well as ways you can bring mindfulness to life in your daily life. This workshop is open to beginners as well as meditators. If you are curious about how mindfulness can enhance your health and quality of life - this workshop is for you!

Cost: $45

Hope to see you on the cushion!