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How to be Mindful at Work (and no one will even notice!)

Did you know that based on scientific studies, our minds are carried away, lost in thought approximately 46% of the time? Studies also find that people are consistently less happy when their minds are wandering -- even if what you are thinking about is actually pleasant!

Maybe even right now as you read these words, your mind is drifting away, thinking of the work you should be doing, "what's for dinner tonight?" or "Did I lock the door before I left the house?", "I haven't even started the report that's due to my boss in 2 hours!".

Below is a quick 5 step process you can practice to bring your mind into the present moment, where we are scientifically proven to be happier.

First, determine a cue in your workplace. This can be anything! A piece of art on the wall, a hallway you walk down each day, a plant you pass by -- whatever you like!

Each time you see this cue, this will be your reminder to take a moment for mindfulness.

Here are the steps you'll take:

1) NOTICE: Notice the cue in your workplace.

2) MIND: Check in with your mind. Where is it in this moment? Is it lost in thought? Distracted? Ruminating unneccessarily in the past or future?

3) SHIFT: Shift your awareness into this moment by bringing your attention to your body. What are you feeling in your physical body in this moment? Tightness? Stress? Discomfort? Notice the sensations and explore them.

4) BREATH: After exploring the sensations in the body, notice your breath. Is it short or shallow? Take one deep inhale and exhale through your nose. Do this 3 - 5 times.

5) MOVE FORWARD: Make a choice for your next wise step forward in your day.

Contact Trish here to bring mindfulness practices to your workplace in a meaningful and practical way.