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Does Mindfulness Have Meaning At Work? (1 of 3)

Why should you invest in a mindful workplace?

From Google to Goldman Sachs, General Mills to Aetna, mindfulness techniques are spreading across the business world as one of the best kept secrets of many high performing CEO’s and companies. You might have a fluffy or touchy-feely perception of mindfulness, however it is versatile and accessible to almost anyone, even the busy and restless.

Mindfulness is one of the best habits to cultivate for sustainable energy, enhanced focus and exceeding expectations. Here is the first of three blogs on why you should invest in a mindful workplace.

3. Healthcare savings

Mindfulness practices not only impact our brain, but our entire body. Increasing evidence demonstrates that mindfulness can have a positive effect on our immune system by decreasing stress and anxiety – known to make us susceptible to illness. Heightened immune systems mean less illness and quicker recovery times, resulting in less sick days used by employees.

Real life example : In a study by Duke University,healthcare insurance company, Aetna, saw health care costs fall 7 percent in 2012 when they initiated a mindfulness program. This resulted in $6.3 million dollars in savings for the company’s bottom line.

Stay tuned for the top two reasons to invest in Mindfulness in the coming weeks!