Mentorship Programs

"Slowing down is sometimes the best way to speed up." 

- Robin Sharma 

Life is not a dress rehearsal - and how we spend our days, is, how we end up spending our lives.

If you knew how to do it all alone, well, chances are you wouldn't be visiting this page. 

Our session will help you get clear about what's going well, where there's room for improvement, and setting yourself up with manageable, actionable steps to create a reserve of inner calm, confidence and resilience. 

I'm here to give you the tools to live happier, celebrate your wins, and help you get to where you know you can be! 



Sessions are tailored to your specific challenges and employ a mindful approach.


You're a leader (with or without a title) seeking strategies and methods to improve your relationship with work using mindfulness. Perhaps you're taking on a new project or role in your organization and want to feel mentally prepared for this new challenge. Maybe you're looking for ways to manage your busy mind and optimize yourself to work at higher levels of functioning than you're already capable of. 

A focus on self-awareness and insight will give you a greater ability to face challenges with confidence and ease.

Coaching sessions will build your capacity as a leader to engage and inspire your team without sacrificing your own ability to manage your mind and sense of wellness. 

The best time might have been yesterday - but the next best time? TODAY. 


You're a life long learner and eager to learn how to optimize your mind to be more present with your family, focused on your goals and enjoy every moment of life with joy and happiness. 

Your busy mind is starting to negatively affect you - and you sense there's a better way. 

Personal coaching through the lens of mindfulness can help you,

  • feel lighter, more calm and at ease during those intense moments,

  • bring a sense of joy and ease to your relationships and work, 

  • manage anxiety and panic disorders 

  • develop a daily mindfulness practice 

  • mindfully listen to your body to avoid illness and injury