Mindful Manager Reset


Mindful Manager Reset is a 5 day online learning program for leaders* who want to experience what it's like to no longer dread Mondays.  I'm here to teach you some simple, effective tools to enjoy your work, feel less overwhelmed, more positive and be the best leader you can. 

*this includes leaders without a title

  • Do you feel like you never have enough time to get everything done? 

  • Do you or your employees have negative attitudes that are hard to manage? 

  • Do you have a sense that your employees are 'checked out' or disengaged?

  • Do you experience high turnover with your employees? 

  • Do you feel frantic and overwhelmed when you are at work or thinking about it? 

  • Are you ready to feel more positive, effective, calm and balanced at work? 

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What can this program do for you? 

Whether you're an aspiring leader with a big vision, a middle manager with staff to supervise or a CEO ready to up your game, Mindful Manager Reset will help you 

  • boost moral at work (yours and everyone else's!)

  • reduce stress and tension 

  • increase your ability to be resilient to change

  • improve your communication with colleagues and reduce conflict 

  • boost your focus and efficiency at work

  • improve your leadership skills 

$97 +GST

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How it Works

  • 5 days of curated content delivered straight to your inbox

  • Downloadable video and audio files for your to keep on any device and use after the program is over 

  • Gentle stretches to incorporate into your day - done in your office/at your desk 

  • A short guided mindfulness practice each day (1 - 3 mins long

  • A "Purposeful Pause" -  a practical 'how to' of incorporating mindfulness into your workday and with your colleagues seamlessly 

  • Productivity "secrets for success" 

  • Scientific research to back up the results you will experience

  • Each day will have a specific focus; Stress Management, Productivity, Resilience, Positivity and Compassion 

All for just $97 + GST


When you enroll receive my FREE meditation album for the workplace 'Focused +Energized' 

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