Virtual Support Series:

Developing the Mindset to Thrive, No Matter What

Feedback from program participants:

Have more energy and productivity with more time to do what they love

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“Amazing program – learned to be aware of things beyond my control and handle them in a positive way.”

What's the cost to your organization when your staff are burnt-out, disengaged and overwhelmed?

Mindfulness can help your team:

Manage day to day stress to feel happier and healthier 

Foster a kinder and more creative team atmosphere with less conflict

Boost energy and productivity

​Create a positive mindset so people will want to work WITH them AND FOR them

30 minute weekly webinars are delivered live

(recordings available).

We’ll bring your team together, foster community and develop resilience to support the days ahead.

Example session themes include: 

  • Mindfulness basics

  • Mindful mental health strategies

  • Avoiding Burnout

  • Stress Less

  • Manage Anxiety

  • Beating Negativity 

  • Mindful ways to work from home

  • Boosting Positivity

  • Boosting Resilience

  • Mindfulness and workplace safety

  • Compassion for self and others 

  • Leading your team with mindfulness

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