10 Days to More Happiness at Work

Because WORK doesn't have to SUCK!

10 Days to More Happiness at Work 

is an online learning program for those who want to experience a happier work life.

In just 10 minutes a day, you'll learn practices to enhance focus and productivity, reduce stress, and overall, be happier at work

  • Do you DREAD going to work and think about changing jobs often due to stress?

  • Do you often think "I'll be HAPPY when I get a new job"?

  • Do you feel a sense of NEGATIVITY towards your work and co-workers/boss? 


  • Do you want to feel more positive, empowered, calm and balanced?

  • Do you want to enjoy work, and not just look forward to friday, vacation and retirement?  

What can this program do for you? 

Whether you're a CEO, overwhelmed manager, desk jockey or factory worker, 10 Days to More Happiness at Work will help you:

  • feel lighter, calmer, and at ease in stressful moments. 

  • bring a sense of joy and ease to your work and interactions with colleagues.

  • integrate short mindful breaks into your work day to feel more calm and peaceful.

  • boost your self-awareness to help with communication and relationships.

  • increase your compassion toward yourself and others.

  • be more focused and productive, getting things done quickly so you can spend more time doing what you LOVE. 

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$77 CAD

How it Works

  • 10 days of instructional audio content delivered straight to your inbox.

  • In 10 minutes per day you'll learn practical and accessible ways to practice mindfulness, including:

    • mindful movement breaks to release tension​

    • purposeful pauses - ways to be mindful without meditating

    • compassion practices to help you quiet the inner critic


Lifetime access to all recordings to continue your practice after the course is over.

All for just $77 CAD